Apply for Funds

PPIAF funding is open to local and national governments as well as regional entities around the world. Specific activities must originate from or be endorsed by the relevant senior official in the beneficiary country. PPIAF commits about half of its country-specific funding to Sub-Saharan Africa, with a focus on low-income countries.  Applications can be submitted at any time, and grants are only dependent on the availability of funds. Please read the PPIAF guideline on Applying for funding. 

 What PPIAF Funds

PPIAF accepts grant proposals that are in line with its mandate to support activities in the following categories:

  •  Infrastructure development strategies to take full advantage of the potential for private sector involvement
  •  Outreach and communication programs to engage stakeholders and ensure transparency and accountability in reforms
  •  Design and implementation of policy, regulatory, and institutional reforms
  •  Design and implementation of pioneering projects and transactions
  •  Government capacity building to design and execute private infrastructure arrangements and regulate private service providers
  •  Identification, dissemination, and promotion of emerging best practices
  •  Creditworthiness improvement of sub-national entities

PPIAF targets interventions in the energy, telecommunications, transport, and water and sanitation sectors. 

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 Eligible Beneficiary Countries

Developing or transition economies on the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) Development Assistance Committee’s (DAC) I to IV Aid Recipients are eligible for PPIAF funding. (The complete list of DAC I to IV Aid Recipients, as updated from time to time, can be found on the OECD website.)

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How to Apply for Funding

PPIAF uses a five-step application process:

 Step One: Contact with PPIAF

All potentially eligible candidates interested in requesting a PPIAF grant are required to first contact the corresponding PPIAF team member(s) to discuss and clarify their intended application.

 Step Two: Concept Note

Following Step One, all potentially eligible candidates will be requested to submit a brief Concept Note (one-page maximum recommended length) that outlines the intended objectives, scope, budget, and timeframe of their activity.  

The Concept Note serves as an initial screening to ensure that the proposed activity has an adequate rationale and is consistent with the PPIAF eligibility requirements.  The Concept Note will be considered by PPIAF and, if approved, the candidate will be sent an email with the necessary links to access the PPIAF Application Package. Please note that PPIAF will only process applications that have previously gone through the Concept Note approval process.

 Step Three: Submission of Application
As indicated in Step Two above, candidates will be sent an email with links to the PPIAF Application Package. This package consists of an application form, a detailed budget, a project cycle planning worksheet, terms of reference, an official government request letter, and a clearance note from World Bank Country Director/Manager. Details of these and instructions for their completion are contained in the email sent to candidates from Step Two.

Complete applications and any attachments should be submitted electronically to the corresponding PPIAF team member. If you need more information or guidance filling out these forms please contact the appropriate PPIAF team member.

 Step Four: Screening and Evaluation
Applications are screened to ensure that they are complete and consistent with the rationale and eligibility requirements discussed in Steps One and Two. There may need to be some further clarifications and revisions to applications to ensure there is enough information to allow the PPIAF Program Management Unit (PMU) to adequately evaluate the proposal.

Proposals are assessed against the criteria determined by PPIAF’s donors.  Grant requests of US$75,000 or less are approved by the PPIAF Program Manager.

Grant requests that exceed US$75,000 are subjected to an external technical assessment by a senior sectoral expert from the World Bank Group. Once comments from the technical assessment are received and shared with the candidate, there may need to be some revisions incorporated in a revised application.  The finalized application package is first submitted to PPIAF's PMU for clearance, and then to PPIAF Donor Council for final approval. 

 Step Five: Notification

All proposals are evaluated on a rolling basis. Applicants proposing small activities (involving PPIAF support of US$75,000 or less) will be notified of the outcome of the evaluation within two weeks of submission of the complete application package. Applicants proposing medium or large activities (more than US$75,000) will be notified within three to four weeks of submission of the completed application package.