As a global platform for knowledge, PPIAF offers clients a way to leverage best practices on public-private partnerships in infrastructure from every region of the world. PPIAF develops new knowledge through research and helps make existing knowledge accessible through its library, which includes PPIAF publications, PPIAF-funded reports, books, short notes, case studies, lessons learned, and other resources.

A Country Framework Report  (CFR) is a series of country-specific reviews that PPIAF supported aimed at improving the environment for private sector involvement in infrastructure. CFRs are prepared at the request of the government concerned and have the following three main objectives:

 • Describe and assess the current status and performance of key infrastructure sectors
 • Describe and assess the policy, regulatory, and institutional environment for involving the private sector in those sectors
 • Assist policymakers in framing future reform and development strategies, and assist potential private sector investors in assessing investment opportunities.

PPIAF has assisted several governments prepare CFRs in the past and these studies have led to some concrete outcomes and impacts in these countries. 

Handshake - IFCs quarterly journal on public-private partnerships

Handshake is a new quarterly journal on public-private partnerships published by IFC which explores pragmatic and innovative solutions that the public and private sectors can create together to address complex global challenges. To view previous publications and subscribe click here.


Natural Resources & PPPs

This issue of Handshake focuses on natural resource PPPs that are making a difference. In Cartagena, Colombia, we profile a hybrid public-private agency that has standardized water service to residents while restoring the coast. Around Africa’s Lake Victoria, an environmental management initiative with the potential to reduce the pollution and resource footprint of industrial activities demonstrates how to include commercial ventures in conservation. 


Date Title Type
2016 SNTA Supports Street Lighting PPPs in Belo Horizonte and Rio de Janeiro Impact Stories
2016 How To Develop Sustainable Irrigation Projects with Private Sector Participation PPIAF Publication
2016 Climate Risks and Resilience in Infrastructure PPPs: Issues to be Considered PPIAF Publication
2016 Stratégie globale d’amélioration des recettes de la Ville de Dakar PPIAF-funded reports
2016 PPIAF supports the enabling environment in Guinea’s key infrastructure sectors Impact Stories
2015 PPIAF Supports Performance-Based Road Maintenance Contracts in Vietnam Impact Stories
2015 PPIAF Helps the Municipality of Ulaanbaatar Improve its Creditworthiness Impact Stories
2015 Le soutien du PPIAF à l’amélioration de la solvabilité de la ville de Dakar Impact Stories
2015 PPIAF Helps the City of Dakar Improve its Creditworthiness Impact Stories
2015 Armenia Water Sector Tariff Study PPIAF Publication
2015 Exploring “Value for Money” analysis in Low-Income Countries: Lessons learned from a PPP project in Tanzania PPIAF Publication
2015 Telecom Infrastructure Sharing PPIAF Publication
2015 L’autoroute à péage Dakar-Diamniadio au Sénégal: une opération pionnière appuyée par le PPIAF Impact Stories
2015 PPIAF Supports a Pioneering Transaction in Africa: The Dakar–Diamniadio Toll Road in Senegal Impact Stories
2015 PPIAF Helps the Government of Rwanda Manage Private Sector Participation in the Water Sector Impact Stories
2015 PPIAF Supports Private Sector Participation in Green Infrastructure Investment in Da Nang, Vietnam Impact Stories
2015 PPIAF Helps Kampala Capital City Authority Improve its Creditworthiness Impact Stories
2015 PPIAF Helps Peruvian Sub-Nationals Tap Financial Markets Impact Stories
2015 PPIAF Support Helps Kenyan Water Utility Access Commercial Financing Impact Stories
2015 Creating a Framework for Public-Private Partnership (PPP) Programs: A Practical Guide for Decision-makers PPIAF-funded reports
2015 Programmes de Partenariats Public-Privé: Créer un Cadre pour les Investissements du Secteur privé dans les Infrastructures PPIAF-funded reports
2014 PPIAF Supports the Institutional and Policy Environment for PPPs in Jordan Impact Stories
2014 Contrato de mejoras integrales de los servicios de agua potable en el Distrito de Colón Panamá Case Studies
2014 Tolling Principles Lessons Learned