PPIAF systematically measures and tracks the results (i.e., outputs, outcomes, and impacts) of its activities.  Many outcomes have been obtained in each country as a result of PPIAF’s technical assistance: specific laws, regulations, institutions, and in some cases, infrastructure projects. All of these outcomes are evidence that PPIAF is achieving its mission and objective to help developing country governments improve the quality of their infrastructure through private sector involvement. PPIAF is thus contributing to removing obstacles to private sector investment and establishing the foundations necessary to give confidence to private investors to invest in a specific country.


Impact indicators include, among others, additional private investment in a specific sector, increased number of poor people with access to infrastructure services, and improved levels of service for the poor. After 14 years, many PPIAF activities are generating visible outcomes and impacts, which are summarized in PPIAF's country write-ups.

Monitoring and evalution is crucial to PPIAF's success. Since inception, PPIAF has closely monitored its activities' results from implementation to completion, and recently refined the methodology of its results-measurement system to better track outputs, outcomes, and impacts.

PPIAF's Impact Stories highlight some examples of PPIAF's upstream activities in support of the enabling environment or project preparation, with the actual impacts produced on the ground several years after the completion of the technical assistance.