Regulatory and Policy Reforms

PPIAF has provided technical assistance to several developing countries in support of regulatory and policy reforms in the telecommunications sector. Below are several examples of PPIAF-supported activities with final reports and related materials included when available.

  • In Algeria, PPIAF provided technical assistance in 2000 to prepare a new telecommunications sector strategy to help the government initiate its sector reform plan, and drafted a policy statement aimed at encouraging increased private involvement in the sector. Following this activity, PPIAF supported the organization of an international investors conference in 2002 to present Algeria’s Telecommunications Sector Reform Program to private investors and provide tendering information on Algeria’s mobile licenses. [Click here to see Impact Story]
  • In 2001 Lao PDR passed a telecommunications law to open up the sector to competition, but challenges on implementation and efficient and transparent regulation still remained. To help address these challenges, PPIAF provided grant funding in 2003 to help the Department of Post and Telecommunication review the sector policy and current regulatory regime, and provide inputs to a detailed design for a regulatory regime.  The study and training seminars covered interconnection, price regulation (including tariff rebalancing), licensing, fostering competition,  universal access, and service and internet exchange. The study recommended the creation of a Regulatory Bureau within the Department of Post and Telecommunication as a first step towards strengthening the regulatory regime, with the expectations that it would ultimately grow into a full-fledged independent regulator.

    In  2007 the government separated the Department of Post and Telecommunications from the Ministry of Communications, Transportation, Posts, and Construction and established a new agency, the National Authority of Posts and Telecommunications of Lao PDR (NAPT), by virtue of Prime Minister Decree No.375/PM of 22nd October 2007. NAPT assumed the functions of the Department of Post and Telecommunications such as setting policy and long-term strategies for the sectors, and is also tasked to regulate the post, telecommunications, and internet sectors in Lao PDR, as per the recommendations in the PPIAF-funded study.
  • Since 2007 PPIAF has provided technical assistance to the government of Liberia in connection with the development of the telecommunications sector policy and regulation, as well as the licensing process of existing private telecommunications operators. This contributed to increase competition and private investment in the telecommunications sector. As a result, four new 15-year GSM licenses with standard terms and conditions were issued to the existing mobile operators, who agreed to pay a total of US$65 million to the government of Liberia in license fees. [Click here to see Impact Story]