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Publications - Capacity Building

Date Title Type
2014 Tolling Principles Lessons Learned
2014 Lessons Learned In Output and Performance-Based Road Maintenance Contracts Lessons Learned
2013 Value-for-Money Analysis-Practices and Challenges: How Governments Choose When to Use PPP to Deliver Public Infrastructure and Services PPIAF Publication
2013 Fostering the Development of Greenfield Mining Related Transport Infrastructure Through Project Financing PPIAF Publication
2012 Case Study on Delhi Airport Metro Express Case Studies
2012 Partial Credit Guarantees for Sub-National Transactions PPIAF Publication
2012 Enabling Environment for Sub National Government Debt PPIAF Publication
2012 Importance of a National Scale Credit Ratings for Sub-National Authorities that Borrow Long term PPIAF Publication
2012 The Importance of Sub-National Authorities Avoiding Foreign Exchange Risk When Borrowing Long-Term PPIAF Publication
2012 The Advantages of Structured Financing for Sub-National Authorities PPIAF Publication
2012 Comment susciter l’engagement du secteur privé dans des partenariats public-privé sur les marchés émergents PPIAF Publication
2012 Public Private Partnerships Reference Guide PPIAF Publication
2012 Auctions That are Too Good to be True Notes
2011 Regulation of the Indian Port Sector PPIAF-funded reports
2011 Case Studies from the India PPP Toolkit for Improving PPP Decision-Making Processes Case Studies
2011 African Energy Ministers Conference Proceedings Report Road to Durban: Promoting sustainable energy access for africa PPIAF Publication
2011 PPIAF Supports the Creation of Burkina Faso's Electricity Sector Regulatory Agency Impact Stories
2011 PPIAF Support to Legal and Institutional PPP Development in Egypt Impact Stories
2011 Selected Options for PPP Units Notes
2010 International Conference on Infrastructure Economics and Development Lessons Learned
2010 VILLE DE OUAGADOUGOU: Evaluation de la Gestion des Finances Publiques Municipales Rapport - PEFA sur les Performances PPIAF-funded reports
2010 PPIAF Global Knowledge Products Improve Urban Transport in the Philippines Impact Stories
2010 A Practical Guide for Public Policy Makers on Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure (Russian) PPIAF Publication
2010 Investment in Air Transport Infrastructure: Guidance for Developing Private Participation PPIAF Publication
2010 Partenariats Public-Privé dans le Secteur des Infrastructures: Guide Pratique à l’Intention des Décideurs Publics PPIAF Publication