PPIAF Publications


Date Title Type
2015 PPIAF Helps Peruvian Sub-Nationals Tap Financial Markets Impact Stories
2015 PPIAF Support Helps Kenyan Water Utility Access Commercial Financing Impact Stories
2013 Emerging Partnerships-Top 40 PPPs in Emerging Markets PPIAF Publication
2012 PPIAF Supports Rural Electrification in Senegal by Helping to Reform the Enabling Environment for Public-Private Partnerships Impact Stories
2012 PPIAF Support to the Regulatory Framework in the Water Sector in Bulgaria Impact Stories
2012 PPIAF Support to Private Sector Participation in the Gas Distribution Sector in Bulgaria Impact Stories
2012 PPIAF Supports a Pioneering Approach for Executing the Maharashtra State Electricity Transmission Company’s Investment Plan Impact Stories
2012 PPIAF Supports the Improvement of Telecommunications Access in Rural Mongolia Impact Stories
2012 PPIAF Support to Private Sector Participation in the Water Sector in Malawi Impact Stories
2012 Using Credit Ratings to Improve Water Utility Access to Market Finance in Sub-Saharan Africa Notes
2012 Services d’eau et secteur privé dans les pays en développement PPIAF Publication
2012 Airport Economics in Latin America and the Caribbean: Benchmarking, Regulation, and Pricing PPIAF Publication
2011 Lighting Africa Note sur le rapport d’étude politique Notes
2011 Lighting Africa Policy Study Report Note Notes
2011 Thailand Rural Broadband Infrastructure Policy Project PPIAF-funded reports
2011 BRAZIL-Residuos Solidos Urbanos PPIAF Publication
2011 Pre-feasibility study, review of PPP options and optimum option for establishment of the Kisarawe Freight Station PPIAF-funded reports
2011 African Energy Ministers Conference Proceedings Report Road to Durban: Promoting sustainable energy access for africa PPIAF Publication
2011 PPIAF Support to Lao PDR’s Nam Theun 2 Hydropower Project Impact Stories
2011 Financing Small Piped Water Systems in Rural and Peri-Urban Kenya PPIAF Publication
2011 Non Revenue Water (NRW) Management Strategy for Surabaya Water Company In Indonesia PPIAF-funded reports
2011 Delhi Jal Board Wastewater Management PPP Options Study Report on PPP Options PPIAF-funded reports
2011 Africa Infrastructure Country Diagnostic (AICD) country and regional reports PPIAF Publication
2011 Healthcare and PPPs IFC Handshake