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Publications - Urbanization

Date Title Type
2015 PPIAF Helps Kampala Capital City Authority Improve its Creditworthiness Impact Stories
2014 PPIAF Helps the Chinese Government Move Toward Credit-Based Borrowing by Sub-National Entities Impact Stories
2013 The Importance of Avoiding Implicit Guarantees In Sub-National Finance
2013 The Importance of Domestic Municipal Bond Market Development: Characteristics of Sub-National Infrastructure Financing Notes
2013 PPIAF Supports Groundbreaking Public-Private Partnerships in the Wastewater Sector in Egypt Impact Stories
2012 Case Study on Delhi Airport Metro Express Case Studies
2012 Partial Credit Guarantees for Sub-National Transactions PPIAF Publication
2012 Enabling Environment for Sub National Government Debt PPIAF Publication
2012 Importance of a National Scale Credit Ratings for Sub-National Authorities that Borrow Long term PPIAF Publication
2012 The Importance of Sub-National Authorities Avoiding Foreign Exchange Risk When Borrowing Long-Term PPIAF Publication
2012 The Advantages of Structured Financing for Sub-National Authorities PPIAF Publication
2012 COTONOU: Evaluation de la Gestion des Finances Publiques Municipales - Rapport PEFA sur les Performances PPIAF-funded reports
2012 Using Credit Ratings to Improve Water Utility Access to Market Finance in Sub-Saharan Africa Notes
2012 Cities and PPPs IFC Handshake
2011 Delegated Management of Urban Water Supply Services in Mozambique Case Studies
2011 State of City Finances PPIAF-funded reports
2011 The Financing of City Services in Southern Africa PPIAF-funded reports
2011 SNTA Supports a Water Utility in Brazil's Frontier Region Impact Stories
2011 PPIAF Supports Private Sector Participation in the Solid Waste Sector in Ethiopia Impact Stories
2010 Integrating Land Financing into Sub-National Fiscal Management PPIAF-funded reports
2010 VILLE DE OUAGADOUGOU: Evaluation de la Gestion des Finances Publiques Municipales Rapport - PEFA sur les Performances PPIAF-funded reports
2010 Credit Rating Agency Procurement Criteria Documents PPIAF-funded reports
2010 Pre-Feasibility Studies for the Development of a Long-Term Integrated Bus Rapid Transit System for Greater Kampala Metropolitan Area PPIAF-funded reports
2010 PPIAF Helps Peruvian Sub-Nationals Tap Financial Markets: the Case of the Municipality of Lima Impact Stories
2010 PPIAF Facilitates Micro-Financing for Peri-Urban Water Providers in Kenya Impact Stories