INDIA: Developing a Compressed Biogas Roadmap

This activity will enable the Ministry of Gas and Petroleum of India to create an enabling environment for an ecosystem for the production of compressed biogas (CBG) with a dual aim to accelerate decarbonization of the transport sector and to reduce waste and associated greenhouse gas emissions. 
The development objective of the activity is both to accelerate decarbonization of the transport sector in India by stimulating the use of CBG to supplement the increasing demand of low carbon transportation fuel in public and private sector; and to improving ambient air quality by addressing emissions associated with inadequate management of diverse set of waste streams in India (including agricultural crop burning, leaving waste products in fields, paddies, industrial waste, and municipal solid and liquid waste disposal) by promoting large scale commercial production of CBG. This dual focus on providing solutions on the supply side (feedstock) and demand side (green fuel) aims to establish an important market mechanism as a means to improve the health and the quality of life of people in India and reduce greenhouse gas emissions in transportation and waste domains of the Indian public sector.

Approved date2022-02-25
RegionSouth Asia