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MIDDLE EAST: Regional Railway Connectivity in MENA: Between GCC and Mashreq countries and beyond

The objective of the activity is to conduct a deep-dive analysis of the economic and jobs creation potentials for regional railway connectivity between the GCC and Mashreq countries and beyond; and to quantify the economic and climate benefits of enhancing railway connectivity and trade facilitation within the MENA region by 2030. It will also develop private sector participation options for the most promising railway sections in MENA from the regional connectivity perspective. The activity will cover Gulf countries (Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates), the Mashreq (Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, Israel, and West Bank and Gaza), and North Africa (Egypt) but the specific focus of this activity will be on Iraq, Jordan, and Lebanon.

Approved date2022-05-09
RegionMiddle East & North Africa