In West Bank, PPIAF's support led to the first competitively tendered PPP to successfully close in the country

In Lao PDR, PPIAF's Support helped strengthen the government’s capacity to implement the NR13 highway project as a PPP

In Haiti, PPIAF's Support helped with the implementation of the country’s road maintenance fund (Fonds d’Entretien Routier – FER)

What is PPIAF?

The Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) is a multi-donor trust fund that provides technical assistance to governments in developing countries in support of the enabling environment conducive to private investment, including the necessary policies, laws, regulations, institutions, and government capacity. It also supports governments to develop specific infrastructure projects with private sector participation.

Strategic Themes in Infrastructure
Universal Access Climate Change Urbanization
Sub-National Technical Assistance (SNTA)
Fragile States
Regional Integration
Capacity Building