BANGLADESH: Enhancing Renewable Energy Investments and Access to Land

This activity will strengthen the government’s capacity to identify land for renewable energy (RE) development and will analyze the current situation in Bangladesh to access land for RE investments in terms of typology of stakeholders, processes, and risks. This activity aims to identify, allocate, and access suitable land sites, which is one of the main barriers to scaling up RE in Bangladesh. Based on the analysis, it would make multi-sectorial recommendations for actions that will improve access to land. The activity would use the national level analysis to test and document a systematic approach for identification and acquisition/designation of sites in a priority area identified in the National Solar Energy Action Plan. Finally, as the government recently announced the cancellation of ten planned coal plants (totaling ~8.45 GW capacity) and that some of those sites may be developed as RE projects instead, the activity would conduct a detailed analysis of sites that were allocated for these coal power plants to determine whether and how they could be utilized for RE development.

Approved date2021-11-29
RegionSouth Asia