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CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Improving infrastructure- based service delivery through PPP delivery and capacity building action plan

To support rebuilding efforts and improve infrastructure and services, the Central African Republic pursued PPPs to leverage private sector capabilities amid fiscal and capacity limitations. PPIAF provided diagnostic support to assess the PPP legal framework and identify potential projects. This led the government to adopt a new PPP Law in 2019, start drafting a PPP strategy, and issue relevant decrees. In 2020, PPIAF helped operationalize the institutional framework, update project pipelines, and deliver extensive PPP training to build capacity for more than 30 officials and contracting authorities involved in PPPs. Recommendations included keeping the PPP unit structure simple to enable collaboration, developing monitoring tools, and creating a PPP manual. Reports were discussed with stakeholders throughout the process. By supporting critical diagnostics and capacity building, PPIAF helped lay the groundwork and advance foundations for the Central African Republic's PPP program. This will enable the strategic use of private sector participation in rebuilding key infrastructure and services as the country develops.

Approved date2020-09-29
SectorEnergy, Water
RegionSub-Saharan Africa