GUINEA: Institutional and Policy Support for the Development of the PPP Program

In 2013, IFC executed PPIAF activity GUINEA: PPP Diagnostic and Capacity-Building. Conclusion and recommendations were endorsed by the Government of Guinea (GoG). In response to the Government of Guinea request for a multi-donor follow up support to help establish a new PPP unit with initial capacity building support, technical back-stopping for the PPP guidelines, and further support to PPP transaction development, PPIAF approved a second grant to support the Government implement some of the recommendations of the initial support. While PPIAF grant supported the establishment the PPP unit, the evaluation and the development of a pipeline feasible PPP projects and PPP capacity building workshops; the AfDB and UNDP financed the preparation of the PPP law and (as well as associated texts).

The final report includes: (i) A PPP pipeline assessment; (ii) An Analysis and Prioritization of PPP projects, (iii) An Interim Plan for the DNPEI for the development of projects and (iv) The strategy and the organization of the PPP unit.

Approved date2015-01-09
RegionSub-Saharan Africa

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Guinea: Institutional and Policy Support for the Development of the PPP Program