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MIDDLE EAST AND NORTH AFRICA: Unlocking Opportunities for Private Sector Participation in Electric-Mobility Transition

To facilitate private sector participation (PSP) in electric mobility (e-mobility) across the Middle East and North Africa, PPIAF and the World Bank energy team conducted an in-depth analysis of PSP potential across electric vehicle (EV) and charging value chains in Egypt, Jordan, and Morocco. Recommendations tailored to each country proposed short-to-medium-term measures such as creating EV-friendly regulations, extending licensing systems, and incentives to support public fleet EV adoption. Upgrades to the framework could enable PSP business models like leasing and PPPs. The electric vehicle charging infrastructure roadmap suggested regulatory enhancements, national e-mobility strategies, standardized hardware/software, and pilot PPPs to test models and catalyze investment. Public infrastructure investments were highlighted to scale up private finance as regulations improve. Strategies such as close cross-team collaboration, partnering with IFC, client dialogues aligning with national priorities, and cross-sectoral knowledge sharing contributed to success. Recommendations have influenced policymaking in all three countries. Through this activity, PPIAF helped lay the strategic basis to advance PSP and accelerate sustainable e-mobility across the region.

Approved date2021-06-29
SectorTransport, Energy
RegionMiddle East & North Africa