RWANDA: Kigali Bulk Water Supply Project- Technical Assistance and Capacity Training

The main objective was to support the key stakeholders in strengthening their ability to oversee and implement the PPP transaction being structured by IFC. PPIAF support has been to assist EWSA with the first steps to developing a long-term master plan and to strengthen their monitoring and management capacity to accommodate growth in water supply and increase operational capacity and efficiency.

Following the decision to split EWSA into two specialized energy and water utilities, WASAC was formally established under law Nº 87/03 (dated August 2014) to manage water and sanitation services in Rwanda, operating under the high level strategy developed by PPIAF. This enabled the successful tendering of the Kigali bulk water project, providing comfort to potential bidders that the GoR was committed to the sustainable provision of serve as an effective off taker and counterpart to the project. In addition to institutional support to EWSA and WASAC, PPIAF has provided significant capacity building training to government officials. This training is critical for effective oversight and management of the Kigali bulk water project and for any subsequent PPP projects in the sector.

Approved date2011-11-01
RegionSub-Saharan Africa

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IFC Report on the PPP Training in Kigali, Rwanda