TANZANIA: Building Capacity for Reducing Non-Revenue Water through Performance Based Contract in Dodoma

PPIAF, in collaboration with the World Bank Water Global Practice, funded an activity to combat Non-Revenue Water (NRW) in the cities of Tanga and Dodoma. NRW, a persistent challenge, had been siphoning resources and exacerbating water scarcity in these urban centers. For example, Dodoma, the capital city of Tanzania, found itself grappling with a substantial NRW problem, primarily stemming from commercial losses. The sporadic water supply, available only 14 percent of the time, significantly contributed to the crisis. PPIAF supported an analysis and recommended solutions through performance-based contracts (PBCs). The scope of this effort included rapid assessments, technical specifications, quality standards, and guidance in bidding processes. Recommendations also included the introduction of District Metered Areas (DMAs) and an urgent shift from intermittent water supply to continuous service. Pressure management, leak detection, and enhanced maintenance were all part of the plan to reclaim lost water. In parallel, Tanga embarked on a three-phase journey to curtail NRW. This involved establishing DMAs, establishing baseline water loss data, and maintaining reductions. The insights from these efforts paved the way for more extensive, systematic solutions in Dodoma and Tanga. As a result, the cities are better positioned to overcome their NRW challenges.

Approved date2020-01-10
RegionSub-Saharan Africa