UZBEKISTAN: Support the establishment of the PPP Framework

The government of Uzbekistan is implementing ambitious reforms to adopt market-based models for the economy and expand private sector participation through corporate governance, privatization, and public-private partnerships. To support this growth, the National Development Strategy (2017) emphasizes the need for private sector capital (domestic and international) to complement public spending for long-term capital investments. PPIAF's objective is to assist the government in advancing the PPP agenda and creating a pipeline of sustainable and bankable PPP projects. This involves establishing a framework for small-scale PPPs under $1 million, a fiscal risks framework based on best practices, and exploring local currency financing for PPPs through international case studies. Three components have been delivered, and implementation continues following the successful administrative reforms in 2022. A ministerial decree is anticipated that will outline the fiscal risks framework for PPPs. The government will also need continued support in capacity building for all relevant stakeholders particularly the contracting authorities.

Approved date2020-05-21
SectorMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)
RegionLatin America & Caribbean