ZAMBIA: Public Transport Improvement Support

On the request from the government of Zambia, PPIAF, in collaboration with the Transport GP, conducted a joint study with the government in 2021 with the lead counterpart, the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. The study was motivated by Lusaka's rapid urbanization growth spurred on by rising population, income, and car ownership levels, which are impacting living conditions and environmental sustainability. Due to ineffective urban planning and weak enforcement of legal and policy provisions, investments in urban infrastructure have not matched the demand, resulting in inadequate access to housing and inefficient transport services. For urban transport, mobility constraints are presently faced by more than 70% of Lusaka residents who either walk or use public transport and have difficulty accessing socio-economic opportunities. Constraints are even more pronounced amongst marginalized groups, such as women and the disabled, who have unique mobility needs. From this background, the study sought to diagnose the urban transport problem and develop a road map to guide in pursuing a sustainable solution with a particular focus on public transport services provision. The study comprised the following deliverables: a diagnostics report, a PPP options report, and a roadmap report. An in-person workshop was held in June 2022 with government stakeholders and the private sector to discuss the road map report. 

The recommendations made include the following:

  1. Rationalizing the public transport network
  2. Identifying sustainable infrastructure investments
  3. Creating an enabling environment for private bus associations
  4. Developing a regulatory framework to organize public transport
  5. Providing institutional strengthening support for government institutions

The government and the World Bank agreed to continue to engage on the recommendations. The next steps will comprise broad consultations and support in implementing the recommendations. In the next three months, the World Bank and the government will finalize an implementation plan based on the study's findings.

Approved date2020-09-08
RegionSub-Saharan Africa

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Study of Public Transport in Lusaka