A Framework for Disclosure in Public-Private Partnerships

Technical guidance for systematic, proactive pre- and post-procurement disclosure of information in public-private partnership programs
Published: 2015
Last Updated: 14 Jul 2024

The World Bank Group recommends a systematic structure for proactively disclosing information through this Framework for Disclosure in Public-Private Partnership Projects. The Framework is embedded in the findings of a global review of public-private partnership (PPP) disclosure frameworks and practices in transacted PPP contracts in identified jurisdictions.

There is a dearth of literature and guidance on policy and practice in PPP disclosure and a wide gap in the understanding of the mechanics of disclosure by practitioners within governments and the private sector. The Framework seeks to fill this gap, along with its companion volumes on Jurisdictional Studies and Good Practice Cases. Apart from its potential usefulness to practitioners in the public and private sectors, the Framework is also intended for World Bank Group and other multilateral development bank operational teams in PPP related projects that would have a tremendous opportunity not only to educate stakeholders on the technicalities associated with disclosure, but also to take on an advocacy role to promote better disclosure practices. With this broader approach in mind, professionals in the above categories from different social and infrastructure sectors have been consulted widely during the preparation of the Framework as well as the two companion volumes. 

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TopicsPPP Policy, PPP Legal Framework, Disclosure
ContributorsWorld Bank Group (WBG), Construction Sector Transparency Initiative, PPIAF