Preliminary Findings Report on Gender-Inclusive Approaches in Private Participation in Infrastructure

Published: 2022
Last Updated: 30 May 2024
Author:Jade Shu Yu Wong; Guimaraes Drummond E Silva,Luciana

The report is a unique investigation into how private investors perceive gender inequality and its importance for their investments. It examines perceptions of private investors and lenders related to gender equality and inclusion of women and girls in infrastructure services and facilities in emerging markets and developing economies (EMDEs). As disclosure of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) information and sustainability reporting becomes more common in the private sector, understanding why and how gender inequalities matter within the sphere of social sustainability and inclusion is becoming increasingly important. The analysis below is based on original semi-structured interviews conducted with investors and lenders in the private sector that routinely invest in or finance infrastructure projects in EMDEs. It aims to understand: (i) how the investor community perceives the intersection between infrastructure and social sustainability and inclusion, particularly with respect to the inclusion of women and girls; (ii) what social issues investors and lenders feel are important; (iii) what actions they take in including women and girls in infrastructure projects and the challenges they face in doing so.

Document TypeAnalysis
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Keywordssustainability, Gender, Inclusive Infrastructure, inclusive, women, ESG
ContributorsPPIAF, World Bank Group (WBG), Global Infrastructure Facility (GIF)