PPIAF Annual Report 2022

Published: 2022
Last Updated: 14 Jul 2024

The fiscal year 2022 marks the end of PPIAF’s five-year Critical Upstream Strategy, FY18–FY22. Under that approach, PPIAF played a long game in infrastructure development—we worked to build institutions and the enabling environment to create an ecosystem that encouraged governments to develop bankable infrastructure projects.  
During the strategy period, FY18–22, PPIAF funded more than 280 activities with a total grant value of $68 million. In FY22 alone, 58 activities were approved with a total value of $15.6 million and an average PPIAF grant size of $270,000. Of this amount, $14 million financed technical assistance programs in low- and middle-income countries, and $1.5 million was allocated for global knowledge products designed to encourage private sector participation (PSP) in infrastructure projects.  
FY 2023 ushers in the beginning strategy period: PPIAF Renew Strategy, FY22–FY27. The new strategy comes at a time of unprecedented change in the global economy. In developing this strategy, PPIAF took a forward look at infrastructure investment and PSP, considering key trends and the most significant challenges—such as a changing climate and increasing government debt—and opportunities, including the potential for technology and digitalization to “leapfrog” to new service models and new innovative sources of finance. With this context in mind, together with lessons learned from the previous strategy period, PPIAF developed the four fronts of action to serve as guiding pillars to accelerate the availability of resilient, affordable, and inclusive infrastructure services by improving the enabling environment for PPI. Download the full report to learn more. 

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PPIAF approved 14 more activities
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