The Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) joins the World Bank

Integration leverages new opportunities to advance sustainable, resilient, and inclusive infrastructure crucial for creating a livable planet. 

Washington, April 8, 2024The World Bank and the Global Infrastructure Hub (GI Hub) are pleased to announce that the GI Hub is joining the World Bank’s Infrastructure Practice Group as an associated Global Knowledge Trust Fund of the Public-Private Infrastructure Advisory Facility (PPIAF) with a funding contribution from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  

The GI Hub was formed by the G20 in 2014 as a collaboration platform with a mandate to accelerate knowledge sharing and spur partnerships between governments, the private sector, development banks, and other international organizations to implement the G20’s infrastructure agenda. Since its establishment, the organization has grown into a respected G20 advisor and a central source of data and practical guidance.  

PPIAF is a World Bank-supported multi-donor fund that helps developing countries strengthen policies, regulations, and institutions that enable sustainable infrastructure with private sector participation. The new Global Knowledge Trust Fund has been established with a contribution from the government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The incorporation of GI Hub’s data, research, programs, and deliverables is well aligned with PPIAF’s mandate and will help strengthen the World Bank’s efforts to scale up sustainable, low-carbon, resilient, and inclusive quality infrastructure investment.     

This announcement follows a review by the G20 and the GI Hub Board of Directors that affirmed the GI Hub’s value and recommended it be embedded in the international system to facilitate its delivery of multilateral, multi-year initiatives without a need to periodically renew its G20 mandate.   

“With this evolution, the GI Hub’s expertise will reach further through the World Bank’s network of government and infrastructure decision makers who can leverage our work to reach a wider scale,” said Chris Legg, GI Hub Board Chair. “We’re grateful to the World Bank for opening its doors to us and look forward to bringing GI Hub resources and networks to continue strengthening the delivery of infrastructure that transforms societies and empowers future generations,” Legg said.  

“We welcome the integration of the GI Hub's expertise and resources into PPIAF. This shift will support our clients’ access to knowledge and data and inform how we deliver sustainable, inclusive, and resilient infrastructure," said Guangzhe Chen, Infrastructure Vice President at the World Bank. “This is an exciting opportunity, especially as we mark PPIAF’s 25th year supporting countries around the world as they improve the enabling environment for private participation in infrastructure. PPIAF’s work has led to billions of dollars of investment in sustainable infrastructure, and the GI Hub’s expertise, knowledge, and partnership will help strengthen our impact even further. I welcome the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the PPIAF Partnership Council.”  

The GI Hub’s transition to the World Bank is underway. More information about this shift will be available in the coming months on both the PPIAF and GI Hub websites. The GI Hub will continue its key workstreams and support of the G20 through this transitional period.