COVID-19 PPP Rapid Response Umbrella Program

The overall objective of the COVID-19 PPP Rapid Response Umbrella Program is agile mobilization of resources to enable client countries to diagnose risks and find best available solutions to mitigate the impacts of COVID-19. Specifically, clients (either PPP units, MOF or sector ministries and utilities) will be able to request short interventions of remote, targeted technical advice to undertake a rapid assessment the impact of COVID-19 on their PPP programs, including:

  1. Stock take of PPPs at all stages under different potential stress scenarios
  2. Review of PPP contractual provisions to assess potential contractual responses to COVID-19 related disruptions
  3. Identification and options assessment of associated fiscal impacts
  4. Presentation of options for initial

Rapid mobilization knowledge and resources for PPP policymakers: In addition to the country level tasks, this activity will help curate and develop relevant knowledge materials and resources and make them available to all clients, and in the public domain as appropriate, to build government clients’ capacity regarding best practice on PPP contract management and PPPs more generally.