AFRICA: Analysis of innovative private sector financing models for expansion of digital public infrastructure

The objective of this activity is to conduct a review of matching Investments and other similar financing models, as used for extension of cellular networks and fiber in rural areas and development of a best practice report that will inform the drafting of Commercial Transactions Manuals (CTMs) for use in DECIM, KDEAP and EARDIP (and potentially other World Bank programs in future). Support under the CREST TF resources will be geared towards mainstreaming climate resilience in broadband and digital infrastructure planning in order to enhance climate adaptation in PPP telecommunications infrastructure investments to better connect unserved and underserved East African communities. 
This will be achieved through climate-focused support to further refine the in-depth analysis of selected scenarios under evaluation for PSP in the three projects covered in this activity – namely KDEAP, DECIM and EARDIP. As a result, this study will appraise selected scenarios and provide high level guidance following the WBG’s CTIP3 (Umbrella and Digital/ICT sector toolkits).

Approved date2023-06-12
RegionSub-Saharan Africa