PPIAF Activity Timeline

PPIAF Activities in Kenya

AFRICA: Africa Critical Upstream Initiative – Phase I - Mapping country-specific PPP barriersMulti-sector2023
AFRICA: Analysis of innovative private sector financing models for expansion of digital public infrastructureTelecommunications2023
AFRICA: South-South Academia Cooperation – Establishment of a sustainable knowledge sharing platform to explore PSP in transport sector with SSA universitiesTransport2023
KENYA: Expanding Access to Decentralized Sanitation Services Through Private Sector ParticipationWater2022
KENYA: Strategic Business Plan for Operationalizing the Viability Gap Funding and Contingent Liabilities Windows of the PPP Project Facilitation FundMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2022
KENYA: Energy and Organizational Efficiency Analysis for Water UtilitiesMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2021
KENYA: PPP pipeline support (phase 3)2021
KENYA: Support to Solar Energy DevelopmentEnergy2020
KENYA: Energy Sector - Support to GDC, KENGEN and KETRACOEnergy2020
KENYA: Leaders in Urban Transport Planning workshop for KenyaTransport2020
AFRICA: Scaling up private sector participation in road asset Phase IITransport2020
KENYA: Support to the national program for promoting use of Performance Based Contracts for Non-Revenue Water reductionWater2020
AFRICA: Developing a Regulatory Framework for Pay-as-you-Go Off-Grid Solar: Part 1 Toolkit DevelopmentEnergy2019
KENYA: Kenya PPP Support Program – Phase 2Multi-sector2018
KENYA: PPP Support Program – Phase 1Multi-sector2017
KENYA: Financing Universal Access to Water Supply & Sanitation-Kenya Country Assessment (Component 1)Water2016
KENYA: Financial Advisory Services for Kenya Energy Utilities (KENGEN & KPLC)Energy2016
CROSS REGIONAL: Improving PPP Disclosure Policy and Practice in CountriesMulti-sector2016
KENYA: Bus Rapid Transit PSP Options StudyTransport2015
KENYA: PPP Options Study for Accelerated and Sustainable NRW Reduction for Mombasa and NairobiWater2015
KENYA: National Housing Corporation (NHC) Creditworthiness and Bond Issuance SupportMulti-sector2015
KENYA: Support to Kenya's PPP ProgramMulti-sector2014
KENYA: KPLC Loss Reduction Advisory Program: Finance Mobilization for Loss Reduction/Efficiency Investments.Energy2013
KENYA: Capital Market Development Support for Kenyan Sub-NationalsRoads and highways, Multi-sector2013
KENYA: PPP Unit Support (Phase II)Multi-sector2012
KENYA: Enhancing Municipal Revenue in NairobiMulti-sector2012
KENYA: Assessment of Geothermal Development Company (GDC) for Enhanced Access to FinanceEnergy, Electricity generation2011