PPIAF Activity Timeline

PPIAF Activities in Ghana

GHANA: Non-Revenue water project phase II - Capacity building support to improve performance of the Ghana water utilityWater2023
AFRICA: Options for private sector solutions for coastal infrastructure in West AfricaMulti-sector2023
GHANA: Technical Assistance on Mobilizing Private Capital to Bus Rapid Transits in KumasiTransport2022
GHANA: Design of an Effective Private Sector Participation Model for the Electricity Distribution UtilityEnergy2022
GHANA: PPP program support – PPP Framework Strengthening and pipeline developmentMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2022
AFRICA: Agenda for informal transit reforms in Sub Saharan Africa cities2021
GHANA: Assessment of the Ghana Infrastructure Investment Fund ( GIIF) enterprise risk management frameworkMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2021
GHANA: Non-Revenue Water Management for Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) operation in AccraWater2021
AFRICA: ECOWAS Planning Support and Capacity Building for Battery storageEnergy2020
AFRICA: ECOWAS Region PPP Framework Review and HarmonizationMulti-sector2020
GHANA: Strengthening Private Sector Participation in Community Water SupplyWater2016
CROSS REGIONAL: Improving PPP Disclosure Policy and Practice in CountriesMulti-sector2016
GHANA: Developing a Regional PPP Specialist CenterMulti-sector2014
GHANA: Establishment and Preparation of Business Plan for Ghana Infrastructure Investment FundMulti-sector2013
GHANA: Strengthening the Role of PPPs in Revenue Collection in Municipalities in GhanaMulti-sector2013
GHANA: Institutional Reform of the Ghana Water Company Ltd (GWCL) to Improve the Provision of Urban Water Services in Ghana (Phase 3)Water2013
GHANA: Assessing PPP Options to Improve the Provision of Public Toilets in KumasiWater2013
GHANA: Municipal Financing Alternatives for the Municipality of Sekondi-TakoradiMulti-sector2012
GHANA: Assessing the Enabling Environment and Options for Private Sector Participation within the Power Sector in GhanaEnergy2012
GHANA: Increasing Access to Market-Based Financing for Municipalities in the Greater Accra AreaMulti-sector2011