PPIAF Activity Timeline

PPIAF Activities in South Africa

SOUTH AFRICA: Transforming Minibus Taxi IndustryTransport2024
AFRICA: Africa Critical Upstream Initiative – Phase I - Mapping country-specific PPP barriersMulti-sector2023
AFRICA: South-South Academia Cooperation – Establishment of a sustainable knowledge sharing platform to explore PSP in transport sector with SSA universitiesTransport2023
SOUTH AFRCIA: Zero-Carbon Shipping - South Africa Port & Fuel Storage Assessment and Port Tool Kit UpdateTransport2022
SOUTH AFRICA: Transnet Green Freight StrategyTransport2022
SOUTH AFRICA: Country Assessment for Unconventional Water SourcesWater2022
SOUTH AFRICA: Technical Support to Department of Public Enterprises on SOE Reform and Restructuring Plans for Eskom and TransnetTransport, Energy2022
SOUTH AFRICA: Energy Service Company (ESCO) Market Development SupportEnergy2021
SOUTH AFRICA: Options review for Electric Mobility in the Paratransit SectorTransport2021
SOUTH AFRICA: Development of Sustainable Financing Mechanisms for Demand-Side Energy Efficiency Market TransformationEnergy2020
SOUTH AFRICA: Durban Performance Based Contract for NRW ReductionWater2020
AFRICA: Feasibility study, block train service on the north-south corridorTransport2019
SOUTH AFRICA: Non-Revenue Water (NRW) Reduction Program through Performance Based Contracts (PBCs) for South AfricaWater2017
SOUTH AFRICA: Developing Enabling Environment and Restructuring Renewable Energy IPP ProgramEnergy2016
SOUTH AFRICA: Financing Catalytic Local Urban Development ProjectsMulti-sector2015
SOUTH AFRICA: Study on South Africa's PPP Framework Applicable for South African CitiesMulti-sector2014
SOUTH AFRICA: Review of the South Africa Renewable Energy IPP ProcessEnergy2013