PPIAF Activities in Nigeria

AFRICA: South-South Academia Cooperation – Establishment of a sustainable knowledge sharing platform to explore PSP in transport sector with SSA universitiesTransport2023
AFRICA: ECOWAS PPP Phase II SupportMulti-sector2023
AFRICA: Options for private sector solutions for coastal infrastructure in West AfricaMulti-sector2023
NIGERIA: Support Deployment of Rooftop and Grid-based SolarEnergy2022
NIGERIA: Power Sector Recovery Program PPAs and Vesting contracts assessment and capacity building supportEnergy2021
NIGERIA: PPP Support Program-Preparation of Fiscal Commitment and Contingent Liabilities (FCCL) management guidelines and capacity buildingMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2021
NIGERIA: Sustainable Green e-Mobility SolutionsEnergy2020
AFRICA: ECOWAS Planning Support and Capacity Building for Battery storageEnergy2020
AFRICA: ECOWAS Region PPP Framework Review and HarmonizationMulti-sector2020
AFRICA: Technical Assistance of Model PPAs and TSAs for use by Participants in CLSG and the North Core Regional Transmission Lines2018
NIGERIA: Performance Assessment of Lagos Terminal ConcessionsTransport2018
NIGERIA: Private Sector Participation in an Integrated Transport System in LagosTransport2017
NIGERIA: PPP Project prioritization and institutional strengthening for Kaduna StateMulti-sector2017
CROSS REGIONAL: Improving PPP Disclosure Policy and Practice in CountriesMulti-sector2016
NIGERIA: Private Sector Participation in Solid Waste Management Activities in IbadanWater2013
NIGERIA: Assessment of Potential Water PPP Projects in NigeriaWater2012