PPIAF Activity Timeline

PPIAF Activities in Colombia

Colombia: Support to the government of Colombia to devise a pilot model of connectivity in a remote regionTelecommunications2023
Colombia: Zero-Carbon Shipping - Colombia Port & Fuel Storage AssessmentTransport2023
COLOMBIA: Support the Government of Colombia in the Identification and Prioritization of Next-Generation Multimodal Transport Infrastructure ProjectTransport2022
COLOMBIA: Support for the Regional Water Market Structuring in Municipality Clusters in Colombia – Phase II Bogota-CundinamarcaWater2022
COLOMBIA: Support for LVC's Agenda with FDNTransport2022
COLOMBIA: Financing Urban Development in Colombia, implementing innovating LVC instruments - TIF Phase IIMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2021
COLOMBIA: Support Colombia's Development Bank (FDN) in the establishment of a Project Preparation FacilityMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2021
COLOMBIA: Institutional, Governance and Regulatory Reform of Colombia’s Transport Sector in Support of Multimodal Transport & LogisticsTransport2020
COLOMBIA: Support for Bogota's Metro Line 1 Transit Oriented Development (TOD) StrategyTransport2020
COLOMBIA: Support for the regional water market structuring in municipality clusters in ColombiaWater2019
COLOMBIA: Support in the design of the Mission for Energy Matrix Transition and Modernization of the Electric Power Sector in ColombiaEnergy2019
PPIAF-IFC Cities Partnership for Bogota CityMulti-sector2018
LATIN AMERICA AND CARIBBEAN: Strengthening Governance of Energy Sector in Colombia and Brazil Under Conditions of StressEnergy2017
COLOMBIA: Review of Institutional, Policy and Regulatory Framework to Support Private Sector Participation in Clean EnergyEnergy2016
COLOMBIA: Financing Infrastructure for Urban Redevelopment Sub-National Technical Assistance Program - Phase IIMulti-sector2016
COLOMBIA: Financing Infrastructure for Urban RedevelopmentMulti-sector2015
COLOMBIA: Institutional Strengthening of the National Development Financing Entity (FDN) to promote Best Practices in Investments of Institutional Investors in Road PPPsMulti-sector2013
COLOMBIA: Financing Options for the Bogota Metro ProjectTransport2013
COLOMBIA: Feasibility Study to Develop Tradable Air Rights Instruments to Mobilize Private Financing for Bogota's Carrera 7 Bus Rapid Transit CorridorMulti-sector, Roads2011