PPP Institutions Building

Guided by an overarching framework that designates five milestones or key “markers of progress.” Activities supported under this program are tailored to a country’s specific PPP needs and are designed to help the country work towards progressing on its path towards a successful PPP program.


Activities in this program

NEPAL: Support to PPP Program
MYANMAR: PPP Framework Strengthening and Preparation of Project OBCs
VIETNAM: Strengthening the PPP Legal and Regulatory Framework
AFRICA: ECOWAS Region PPP Framework Review and Harmonization
LAO PDR : PPP Framework Support
UZBEKISTAN: Support the establishment of the PPP Framework
SOMALIA: Establishing PPP legal and institutional framework for Private Sector Participation
GEORGIA: Strengthening of Capacity of PPP Agency
VIETNAM: Strengthening the PPP Legal and Regulatory Framework - Phase 2
ETHIOPIA: Advisory and Capacity Building Support on PPPs
CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: Improving infrastructure- based service delivery through PPP delivery and capacity building action plan
UKRAINE: Olvia and Kherson ports concessions Contract Management Support
PANAMA: Supporting the Panama PPP Unit in project preparation and governance
KYRGYZ REPUBLIC: Support to elp set up Kyrgyz Republic’s PPP Implementation Capacity
PAKISTAN: Support to PPP framework operationalization
NIGERIA: PPP Support Program-Preparation of Fiscal Commitment and Contingent Liabilities (FCCL) management guidelines and capacity building
KENYA: PPP pipeline support (phase 3)
SUDAN: PPP Program support in Sudan Phase 2
DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: PPP Capacity Building and Institutional Strengthening
GUINEA: PPP program Phase III - Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building to Support a Sustainable PPP program
EGYPT: FCCL and PPP prioritization support
BANGLADESH: Strengthening the PPP Institutional and Regulatory Framework
GHANA: PPP program support – PPP Framework Strengthening and pipeline development
CABO VERDE: Development of Cabo Verde’s PPP Program: Phase I Strengthening PPP institutions’ capacity and PPP Pipeline Development
KENYA: Strategic Business Plan for Operationalizing the Viability Gap Funding and Contingent Liabilities Windows of the PPP Project Facilitation Fund
UGANDA: PPP Program Support Phase 2
SENEGAL: PPP Program Support: Phase II Operationalization of the PPP Unit
SOMALIA: Somaliland Unlocking Sectoral Investment Project Component 2- Establishing PPP Legal and Institutional Framework for Private Sector Participation
DJIBOUTI: Support to PPP Framework
CAMBODIA: Strengthening the PPP Fiscal Risk Management Framework
MALAWI: Support in Development of PPP Regulations, Guidelines and Project Development Fund
Nepal: Support to PPP program (phase 2)
Timor-Leste: Airport Project Specific Decree
Global: PPP regulatory reforms and sustainability
Global: Suite of Fiscal Commitments and Contingent Liabilities (FCCL) identification and assessment related tools (PFRAM 3.0)
Ukraine: Support to Strengthening Reconstruction & Resilience through Private Participation in Infrastructure
Togo: PPP program support - Institutional Strengthening and Capacity Building support
Tanzania: Strengthening of the PPP institutional framework and preparation of the PDF
Peru: Support to the government to enhance its capacity in PPP infrastructure project preparation and implementation
Philippines: Support to Establishing a Local PPP Program
UZBEKISTAN: Support for Establishing a Tolling Policy Framework