Activities in Global

GLOBAL: Transport Resilience Funding and Financing with a Focus on Unlocking Private Sector ParticipationTransport2023Ongoing
GLOBAL: Support for City Creditworthiness Initiative Phase 3Multi-sector2023Ongoing
Global: PPP regulatory reforms and sustainabilityMulti-sector2023Ongoing
Global: PPPLRC Fiscal Year 2023 SupportMulti-sector2023Ongoing
Global: Suite of Fiscal Commitments and Contingent Liabilities (FCCL) identification and assessment related tools (PFRAM 3.0)Multi-sector2023Ongoing
Global: PPP Certification 2.0 - Country SupportMulti-sector2023Ongoing
Global: Adaptation Finance and Biodiversity - Component 1 (Analytical Phase)Multi-sector2023Ongoing
GLOBAL: Unlocking Asset RecyclingMulti-sector2023Ongoing
GLOBAL: Consolidation of Private Participation in Infrastructure Data in EMDEs2022Ongoing
GLOBAL: Infrastructure in Fragile and Conflict-Affected EconomiesMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2022Ongoing
GLOBAL: Sustainable Performance Tracking Framework for Power Utilities2022Approved
GLOBAL: Global PPP Certification Program 2.0Multi-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2022Ongoing
GLOBAL: Fiscal Risks from Infrastructure in an Era of High Debt Vulnerabilities: Phase IIMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2021Ongoing
GLOBAL: Impact of COVID-19 on the Global Infrastructure Finance LandscapeMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2021Completed
GLOBAL: Fiscal Risk Management of PPP Projects to Build Better Infrastructure Post COVID19Multi-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2021Ongoing
GLOBAL: Governance reforms and private sector participation for mainstreaming unconventional water resources in water scarce countriesWater2021Ongoing
GLOBAL: Shrinking Economic DistanceTransport2021Ongoing
GLOBAL: Improving Private Solutions in Hydropower Projects2021Ongoing
GLOBAL: Automating private commitment in infrastructure data update using open source searchMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2020Completed
GLOBAL: USPs - Case Studies Deepening the reviewMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2020Approved
GLOBAL: COVID-19 PPP Rapid Response Umbrella Program2020Completed
GLOBAL: Transport Regulation at Times of Technological ChangeTransport2020Ongoing
GLOBAL: Guidance on PPP Legal FrameworksMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2020Closed
GLOBAL: Too Big to Ignore: Fiscal Implications of Public and Private Infrastructure in an Era of Debt DistressMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2020Completed
GLOBAL: Emerging Issues in Contract ManagementMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2020Approved
GLOBAL: Water Innovation PlatformsWater2020Completed
GLOBAL: Building stronger institutions to deliver better Public Private PartnershipsMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2020Completed
GLOBAL: Flagship report - Digitalization of TransportTransport2020Ongoing
GLOBAL: CREST Guidelines - Promoting Climate Resilience in the Evaluation and Delivery of Upstream and Midstream Infrastructure AdvisoryMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2020Completed
GLOBAL: Digital Transformation of Energy Sector Infrastructure: Frontier Analysis and Enabling FrameworksEnergy2020Completed
GLOBAL: Improving Water Utility Efficiency Through Technological InnovationWater2020Ongoing
GLOBAL: Mobilizing Private Investment For Road SafetyTransport2020Closed
GLOBAL: Augmenting multiple facets of data on Public Participation in Infrastructure in EMDEs Phase IIMulti-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2020Completed
GLOBAL: Mainstreaming Gender Considerations into Infrastructure Advisory2020Ongoing
GLOBAL: Solar energy, private sector and electricity for all: How the off-grid solar industry can close the universal electricity access gapEnergy2020Approved
GLOBAL: City Creditworthiness Initiative: Program II2020Ongoing
GLOBAL: PPP Disclosure E-learning Module and Country Assessment Study2019Completed
GLOBAL: Conference - Regulating Infrastructure in a Digital Age, December 2019ICT (Information and Communications Technology)2019Completed
GLOBAL: Sustainable KP-PPP Contract Renegotiations2019Completed
GLOBAL: Augmenting multiple facets of data on Public Participation in Infrastructure in EMDEs2019Completed
GLOBAL: Assessing the Welfare and Distributional Impacts of the Maximizing Finance for Development Approach2019Completed
Global: PPPs for Land AdministrationMulti-sector2018Completed
GLOBAL: 2019 Guidance on PPP Contractual ProvisionsMulti-sector2018Completed
GLOBAL:Strategic Partnership on Islamic Finance & Infrastructure PPPsMulti-sector2018Closed
Global:Private-financing of loss reduction and efficiency improvement of electricity T&D enterprises in developing countriesEnergy2018Approved
GLOBAL:Scaling Up Private Participation in Road Asset Management in Low-Income CountriesTransport2018Completed
GLOBAL: How to Foster Private Sector Participation in Nascent Sectors by Creating Data Sharing and Reporting Standards: The Off-Grid PAYG Solar Case StudyMulti-sector2017Ongoing
GLOBAL: Innovation in Capacity Building: Global PPP Certification TrainingMulti-sector2017Completed
GLOBAL:Making the Most Out of Public Finance for Sustainable TransportTransport2017Closed
GLOBAL: Innovative Approaches to Public-Private Partnerships in Smart Grid Investments - Best Practice Experiences from Government Collaboration with Privately Owned UtilitiesEnergy2017Ongoing
GLOBAL: Procuring Infrastructure PPPs 2018Multi-sector2017Ongoing
GLOBAL: Integrated Analytic Framework for Bus Transit InitiativesTransport2017Completed
Global: Public Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Resources Center (PPPIRC) – Climate Resilience, Fragility, and Mobilizing FinanceMulti-sector2017Completed
GLOBAL: A Guide to Incorporate Gender Considerations into the PPP Project CycleMulti-sector2017Ongoing
Global: Regional Round Tables on Infrastructure GovernanceMulti-sector2017Completed
GLOBAL: Assessing Direct and Indirect Public Investment in Infrastructure in Low and Middle Income CountriesMulti-sector2017Completed
GLOBAL:From Waste to Resource: Why and How Should we Plan and Invest in Wastewater?Water2017Completed
GLOBAL: Assessment of the Effectiveness of Public Financing Instruments in Leveraging Private Sector Investment for grid connected solar ProjeEnergy2017Ongoing
GLOBAL: Global Benchmarking Study of Trucking Sector Productivity, PPP potential and Carbon Sector EmissionsTransport2017Completed
GLOBAL: Global Review - Public Infrastructure Funds facilitating PPPs in a Fiscally Prudent MannerMulti-sector2017Completed
GLOBAL: International Experience with Subnational Debt Financing of Infrastructure in ChinaMulti-sector, Multi-sector (i.e. for infrastructure in general)2017Closed
GLOBAL:Guidebook on PPP Railway Station RedevelopmentTransport2017Ongoing
GLOBAL: Islamic Finance and PPPs Preliminary WorkshopMulti-sector2016Completed
GLOBAL:State of PPPs in Fragile and Conflict StatesMulti-sector2016Ongoing
GLOBAL: Incorporating Climate Adaptation Risks to Performance Based ContractingTransport2016Ongoing
GLOBAL:Infrastructure Management Toolkit for Fragile StatesMulti-sector2016Ongoing
GLOBAL: Rethinking Power Sector ReformEnergy2016Completed
GLOBAL:Strengthening Regulatory Management Capacity in FCS to Foster Private Sector Provision of Services (Phase 3: Improving Infrastructure Regulation Program)Multi-sector2016Completed
GLOBAL: Case Studies and Technical Guides for Resilient Infrastructure PPPsMulti-sector2016Ongoing
GLOBAL: Practical Guidance on Government Guarantees for Infrastructure PPPs in EMDEsMulti-sector2016Closed
GLOBAL: Estimating the cost of capital for private operators of infrastructure PPPs in developing countriesMulti-sector2016Completed
GLOBAL: Selecting and Screening Projects for Implementation as PPPsMulti-sector2016Completed
GLOBAL: U.S. Experience with Pooled Financing of Infrastructure in Small MunicipalitiesMulti-sector2016Approved
GLOBAL: Enhancing the International Infrastructure Support System Phase 2Multi-sector2016Completed
GLOBAL:Operational Guidebook and Training Module for Municipal Administrators on Property Tax ReformMulti-sector2016Completed
GLOBAL: Practical Guide on the establishment and operation of investment funds designed to leverage private sector participation in infrastructure developmentMulti-sector2016Closed
GLOBAL: Component 1 - Good Performance-Based Contract Practices for Non-Revenue Water ProgramWater2015Completed
GLOBAL: Mobilizing Islamic Finance in Public-Private PartnershipsMulti-sector2015Ongoing
GLOBAL: Improving Transparency and Accountability in Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) Through the Extension of the Open Contracting Data Standard (OCDS) to PPPsMulti-sector2015Ongoing
GLOBAL: Updating the Railway Reform: A Toolkit for Improving Rail Sector PerformanceTransport2015Completed
GLOBAL:PPP Knowledge Lab Content Development Strategy and Build-outMulti-sector2015Closed
GLOBAL: Policy Toolkit for SME Participation in Public Private PartnershipsMulti-sector2015Completed
GLOBAL: Guidebook for Metro Development with Private ParticipationTransport2015Completed
GLOBAL: Translation and Dissemination of PPP Project Finance GuideMulti-sector2015Closed
GLOBAL: Benchmarking PPP ProcurementMulti-sector2015Closed
GLOBAL: Capacity Building for Leaders in Urban Transport (LUTP) IIITransport2015Closed
GLOBAL: Emerging Trends in Mainstreaming Climate Resilience in Large Scale, Multi-sector Infrastructure PPPsMulti-sector2015Closed
GLOBAL: Regulating Water Services Provision in MENAWater2015Closed
GLOBAL: PPP Short Stories CompetitionMulti-sector2015Completed
GLOBAL: Recommended PPP Contractual ProvisionsMulti-sector2015Closed
GLOBAL: PPP SimulationMulti-sector2015Closed
GLOBAL: Promoting Municipal Finance Markets through Strengthening of Knowledge and Capacity BuildingMulti-sector2015Ongoing
GLOBAL: Improving Infrastructure Regulation for Low-Income, Fragile and Low-Capacity Countries: Phase 1 and 2Multi-sector2014Closed
GLOBAL: Disclosure of Project and Contract Information in Public-Private PartnershipsMulti-sector2014Completed
GLOBAL: Development of a Model Policy for Unsolicited Proposals and Tools for its Operationalization and InstitutionalizationMulti-sector2014Closed
GLOBAL: Energy Efficient Street Lighting Transformation InitiativeEnergy2014Closed
GLOBAL: Strategic Partnership with Public-Private Partnership in Infrastructure Resource Center (PPPIRC)Multi-sector2014Closed
GLOBAL: The Art and Science of Urban Water and Sanitation Service DeliveryWater2014Closed
GLOBAL: Development and Dissemination of a Green Bond Knowledge Product for Policy MakersMulti-sector2014Closed
GLOBAL: Land-Based Financing for Urban Regeneration PPPs (Phase 2)Multi-sector2014Closed
GLOBAL: State of PPPs ReportMulti-sector2014Closed
GLOBAL: Global PPP Certification ProgramMulti-sector2014Completed
GLOBAL: Supporting the International Infrastructure Support SystemMulti-sector2014Closed
GLOBAL: Capacity Building for Leaders in Urban Transport Planning IITransport2014Completed
GLOBAL: Translation and Dissemination of a Practical Guide to PPP ProgramsMulti-sector2013Closed
GLOBAL: Roundtable on Lessons Learned and Challenges of Value for Money AssessmentsMulti-sector2013Closed
GLOBAL: Designing Sustainable Irrigation PPPs: Lessons Learned from Developing CountriesWater2013Closed
GLOBAL: Leveraging Land to Structure Urban Regeneration PPPsMulti-sector2013Closed
GLOBAL: Public-Private Partnerships in Infrastructure Resource Center (PPPIRC) Website (FY14)Multi-sector2013Closed
GLOBAL: Development of a Web-Based Version of the PPP Reference GuideMulti-sector2013Completed
GLOBAL: An Analysis of Global Trends in Infrastructure Policies related to Unsolicited Proposals and Lessons Learned from using Unsolicited ProposalsMulti-sector2013Closed
GLOBAL: PPIAF Guide to Managing Traffic & Revenue Risk in Highway and Public Transport PPPsTransport2013Closed
GLOBAL: Private Investment in Shared Infrastructure ToolkitTelecommunications2013Completed
GLOBAL: Investigating the Infrastructure Financing GapMulti-sector2013Completed
GLOBAL: Examining the Role of Institutional Investors in Financing Developing Country InfrastructureMulti-sector2013Closed
GLOBAL: Guide to Value Capture Finance Mechanisms for Urban Transit ProjectsTransport2013Closed
GLOBAL: Central America PPP Training and Capacity Building ProgramMulti-sector2012Closed
GLOBAL: Strengthening Capacity for Public Private Partnerships in Renewable EnergyEnergy2012Completed
GLOBAL: Fostering Multi-User Greenfield Mining-Related Infrastructure Through PPPsTransport2012Closed
GLOBAL: Africites Summit Seminar on PEFA Methodology and Land FinanceMulti-sector2012Closed
Global: Private sector participation through operations concessions in electricity distributionEnergyOngoing