Activities in Sub-Saharan Africa

AFRICA: Management of public transport terminals in Sub-Saharan AfricaTransport2023Ongoing
AFRICA: Regional Digital Infrastructure Market DevelopmentICT (Information and Communications Technology)2020Completed
AFRICA: Enhancing Viability of BRT Projects in Sub-Saharan AfricaTransport2019Completed
GLOBAL: Regional Program for Digital Innovation to Support Public Transport and Sector GrowthTransport, ICT (Information and Communications Technology)2019Closed
AFRICA: Lighting Africa - PAYGO Market Attractiveness IndexEnergy2017Ongoing
AFRICA: PPP Support to the Nile Equatorial Lakes Subsidiary Action Program (NELSAP)Multi-sector2016Completed
AFRICA: PPP Pipeline Development and Institutional Framework Support for SADC Member StatesMulti-sector2015Closed
AFRICA: Enabling Private Investment into Communications Infrastructure in the ECOWAS RegionTelecommunications2015Closed
AFRICA: Scaling up Power Transmission Investments in Africa (SUPTA)Energy2015Completed
AFRICA: Leveraging the Existing Regional Energy Infrastructure to Improve Internet Connectivity in Mali, Mauritania and Senegal with Private Sector Participation (Phase I)Telecommunications2014Completed
AFRICA:Regional: Facilitating Regional PPP in Energy Supply to Mali, Mauritania and SenegalEnergy2014Closed
AFRICA: Support for Africa Resolutions Conference in MarrakechMulti-sector2014Closed
AFRICA: AFD-PPIAF Partnership for Municipal Finance Capacity Building WorkshopsMulti-sector2013Completed
AFRICA: Definition and Implementation of a Regional Interconnection Regime for Broadband Fiber Optic Networks in Central Africa (ECCAS Countries)Telecommunications2013Completed
AFRICA: East African Urban Transport Institutional Strengthening InitiativeTransport2013Completed
AFRICA: Regional Meetings on PPP Fostering Infrastructure Services and Facilities in Francophone Africa - Phase 2Multi-sector2013Closed
AFRICA: PPIAF-SNTA's Partnership with AFD on the Public Expenditure and Financial Accountability (PEFA) ProgramMulti-sector2013Completed
AFRICA: Audit of the West Africa Power Pool (WAPP CLSG) Financial ModelEnergy2012Completed
AFRICA: Revenue Management Master Class for Senior Financial ManagersMulti-sector2012Completed

Programs in Sub-Saharan Africa