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Implementing Port Reform

Shifting the boundary between the public and private sectors entails four kinds of preparations: (1) Strategic preparation, including the consideration of a particular institutional model and service ensemble that best matches a portís competitive environment and its growth prospects. (2) Redefinition of authorities and their powers and mandates, resulting in regulations, rules, tariffs, and procedures that will ensure that the provision of all port services are fully coordinated and that the proper incentives to spur efficiency are in place. (3) Legal adaptation, which establishes the sectoral legal framework based on the principles agreed upon as a result of the strategic analysis and the redefinition of institutional rules. (4) Transaction preparation, which results in the development of tendering processes that are transparent, open, and competitive.

This module describes how to undertake this series of tasks in a practical and effective way.


Implementing Port Reform

Strategic Preparation: The Interministerial Working Group

IWG Mandate and Composition

Hiring Advisers

Time Frame

IWG Workplan

Redefinition of Authorities and Powers

Regulatory Principles

Port Authorities and Consultations

Public Infrastructure Pricing

Labor Redeployment

Contract Management Principles and Procedures

Legal Adaptation

Transaction Preparation

Financial Model

Due Diligence

Contractual Document Preparation

Bidding Documentsí Preparation


Box 1: Hiring and Managing Advisers

Box 2a: Port Reform Process

Box 2b: Port Reform Process (continued)


How To Use The Toolkit


Framework for Port Reform

The Evolution of Ports in a Competitive World

Alternative Port Management Structures and Ownership Models

Legal Tools for Port Reform

Financial Implications of Port Reform

Port Regulation:
Overseeing the Economic Public Interest in Ports

Labor Reform and Related Social Issues

Implementing Port Reform

Strategic Preparation: The Interministerial Working Group

Redefinition of Authorities and Powers

Legal Adaptation

Transaction Preparation


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